Developing with passion

OpenEPD - Elektronisch patiëntendossier


OpenEPD was intended to be a modern EPD project, with multitenant support (within the same database) and multiple integrations with third party services (e.g. UZOVI). It started in 2014, but less than 1 year after was stopped after some controversial management decisions. Nevertheless, it was a fun project I've been working on.

The chosen platform at that point in time was Zend Framework 2, with a combination of Doctrine ORM/MySQL Database. The multi tenant architecture was innovative due to the clever usage of mysql views that were doing the "filtering" part on the db side (no tenant_id involved, no application sql queries crafter with ids).

For UI dHTMLX was chosen. Not the perfect solution (as we discovered later a lot of workarounds needed to be made in order to support our development), but still a solid choice for such a complex application.


Unfortunately the code is not publicy available for now.


Here we have a couple of screenshots from the application. These reflect work in progress state of it.